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Ares was a resident of Hollow Bastion, living with Harley and EJ until the age of 15, when they left for Destiny Islands.


Ares' clothing mimics that of his brothers. His hairstyle is replicate of Sora's, but is platinum blond.

Weapons and Magic

Ares wields the Keyblade, and his Destiny Islands weapon, a wooden sword, shows his base stat, Strength. His magic field lies in the power of Time, controlling Stop/Stopra/Stopga, Speed Burst (A.K.A. Slo Mo, although time isn't slowing down, Ares is speeding up), and Ball Slam (Slo Mo Jump).

Basic Keyblade and Other Stats

Basic Keyblade Models: Executioner (destroyed by Anti-Harley), Silent Snarl

Theme: Citizen Soldier (Kingdom Hearts IV and V)

Games: Kingdom Hearts IV, Kingdom Hearts V