Walt Disney Studios Presents 2020's Film "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo" with the Creators of Bambi


Skippy: Male Red Kangaroo

Shassie: Female Red Kangaroo

Hop: Male European Rabbit

Hogster: Male Wild Boar

Skippy's Mother: Female Red Kangaroo (Deceased)

The King of the Bush: Male Red Kangaroo

Mr. Kookaburra: Male Kookaburra

Yowie: Male Yowie

Frilled-Neck: Male Frilled-Necked Lizard

Foxy: Female Red Fox

Norman: Villianous Poacher

The Tassie Devils: Villianous Tasmanian Devils

Sora as a Red Kangaroo

Donald Duck as a Kookaburra

Goofy (aka) Dippy Dawg as a Giant Tortoise

Big Bad Wolf as a Poacher

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