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[1]is the son of Riku and a destined keyblade weilder. He is also part of a prophecy involing him and sora's currently unborn son.


many years from now, two children shall be born to the house of the worlds greatest keyblade masters,they shall conqure fire and ice,redefine what is possible and rid the world of a great and immense evil leading to 50 years of peace.However neither shall save what matters most at shadows end lest one sacrifices their heart for the life of a loved one.

Early Life[]

Shortly after Beedam was born, the second keyblade war broke out forcing his father to leave him for 2 long years. After the war was won and Riku came home, a ceramony was held and Beedam was chosen to inhairet the keyblade. At age 3 Beedam could weild his fathers keyblade and train with him by 5 using a wooden keyblade. After only one week of this, Beedam was chosen by a keyblade. When Sora and Kairi returned from the trial of end, they had a child with them. It was Sora's son Kiraz who was 3 at the time. At age 8 Beedam entered the junior division of the 301st annual swordsman compatition eventualy leading to a confrontation between him and Kiraz wich Beedam won.