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EJ is the third of the brotherhood Trinity, with Harley and Ares. EJ was a resident of Hollow Bastion, much like his brothers, but when their parents landed in Traverse Town, he left. EJ is able to keep himself alive by feeding on the darkness the Heartless leave behind when they are killed. In Kingdom Hearts V, EJ goes all-out brutal in Burned Domain (Hollow Bastion's ruins), splitting a Blackheart (A human whose heart has been taken by darkness, yet remain in their bodies)'s rib cage open to gain dark energy. 


EJ wears a black robe in Kingdom Hearts IV until after the fight with Anti-Harley (Harley posessed by the Kingdom Key Darkside), when he throws his robe off, revealing his regular clothes, which echo his kin's. Splitting from Squaresoft's obsession with blue eyes, EJ has mauve eyes, and black hair that is in the style of Roxas/Chimeron. 

Weapons and Magic 

EJ wields the Keyblade, and has mastery over Shadow/Shadowra/Shadowga, Wind, Venom/Venomra/Venomga, and Fear.

Basic Keyblade and Other

Basic Keyblade Model: Enigma LV 1

Games: Kingdom Hearts IV, Kingdom Hearts V

Theme: What I'm Made Of (Kingdom Hearts IV), One (Kingdom Hearts V)