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A Heartless who has partialy retained its human shape. In an empty environment it can be seen curled up into the featle positon mumbling to himself anxiously things help him maintain his humanity for example "No, no i didnt mean to kill her, she attacked me! I had to defend myself, yes yeees it wasnt my fault no no no, I just went to far, didn't know she would try to attack me, she was too bright it hurt she hurt me and tried to kill just like everyone else did! No there all evil there all to bright I can't sleep! How can I sleep when its so bright! Yes, yes i must extinguish them clean it."

He says this with only a partial sense of sanity, he trys to rationalize and justify, his actions as a Heartless, because of his incomplete conversion he attaracts distant Heartless who mistake him for a human with darkness in his heart.

once he has been stirred he leaps to the ground and his instincts take over. he emmits unbearably loud shrieks, and incohearnt bits of human speech and maniacle laughter. wihle rushing at them, his shreiks attract large ammounts of pure blood heartless, Espically Nova shaddows and invisibles.

his human feauters disapear, and he gains long thin claws. his hybrid nature renders him incredibly ressistant to the keyblade, wich like heartless have a dificult time identifying him as a heartless.

he is a hybrid heartless, when his heart was consumed by darkness, his body came with him and his soul and memories were killed, he must activly seekout souls to maintain this state of being he interprets this as being hungry.

he is espicaly enraged by nobodies and replicas wich he is able to defeat more easily because the lack of a heart makes it easier to attack the soul. magic, he is able to adapt to and absorb whatever magic is cast against him. leaving him vulnrable to the opposite of that spell. against powerfull opponenets he tries to fool them by pretending to be human, this works for about 2 minuets. he the proceeds too summoun large ammounts of powerfull heartless to wear his prey down, then he moves in for the kill. his attacks cause flinching in enemys but dont send them flying. allowing him to maintain a combo.

he has one weakness. but thats for you to gueess!