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The Garden is an area themed on the movie, Gnomeo And Juliet. All 3 of our heros take on the form of garden gnomes. TBA

Vital statistics
Type Fantasy
Location Earth
Inhabitants *Gnomeo

Boss Themes[]

Tybalt: The Tumbling

Tybalt And Red Gnomes: Rowdy Rumble If you defeat Tybalt first or The Encounter if you defeat Red Gnomes first.

Fawn: Vim And Vigor

Lord Redbrick: The Corrupted

Benny (Misunderstood): Desire For All That Is Lost

Terrafirminator: Dance To The Death

Cutscenes Before Bosses[]

Tybalt 1st fight

Lady Blueberry: Go show them that we blues are better than reds!

Gnomeo: Red. I hate the word.

Goofy: Wait! Your going to fight?

Gnomeo: No! Just a fair race against the Red's flower boy.

The Tumbling plays.

Sora: How can we help then?

Gnomeo: If Tybalt cheats, try and send his lawnmower packing! Ok?

Sora: Ok! Lets do this!

Information: Help Gnomeo win the race!

Tybalt and Red Gnomes

Rowdy Rumble plays.

Tybalt: Where is he?

Red Gnome: He's in the boganias!


Red Gnome: No. More like a pansy.

Tybalt pushes the red gnome over.

Tybalt: Get him!

Information: Save Gnomeo and Benny from Tybalt and his red gnomes! use commands for easiness!


Vim And Vigor plays.

Fawn acts like he's about to charge like a bull.

Information: Defend Gnomeo while he and Juliet try and have a chat!

Lord Redbrick

Lord Redbrick: That's it! No more Mr. Nice Dad!

The Corrupted plays.

Lord Redbrick readies his sword.

Information: Use commands to defend Gnomeo and Juliet from Lord Redbrick!

Benny (Misunderstood)

Desire For All That Is Lost plays.

Benny: C'mon Gnomeo! Lets smash these reds! Every last one of them!

Sora: But Benn--

Benny: No buts! Lets go!

Information: Stop Benny from reaching the red garden!