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Harley was a resident of Hollow Bastion until he was 16, at which point he moved to Destiny Islands with his brother Ares.


Harley bears resemblance to the modern teen, in terms of clothing. He wears a red T-shirt, but also wears cargo pants resembling Sora's. His hairstyle is identical to Terra's, but ash grey. He is the second tallest of the three, his height rivaling his third brother EJ's.

Weapons and Magic

His primary weapon is the Keyblade, given his relation to Sora. His Destiny Islands weapon, a angular cane, reflects his base stat, Magic. His magical abilties are the highest, channeling Fire, Earth, Lightning, and Ice.

Keyblades, Other

Basic Keyblade: Kingdom Key Darkside (not Mickey's Keyblade, but a black Kingdom Key)

Games Appeared in : Kingdom Hearts IV, Kingdom Hearts V

Theme: Paralyzer (Kingdom Hearts IV), Killing In the Name (Kingdom Hearts V)