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Kingdom Hearts: For True Story stems off from the final battle between Roxas and Riku in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. In this version, a different outcome occurs, where the events of Roxas's own version of Kingdom Hearts II takes place, with Sora, Donald, and Goofy serving minor roles, as opposed to Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and (the canon) Kingdom Hearts II.


Chapter One: The Dark City

The chapter begins with a hooded Roxas overlooking a defeated Riku, having a short flashback to the cutscene where Riku temporarily knocked out Roxas in the canon storyline. However, in this one, Roxas is not blown back by Riku's blocking manuever, and Riku is instead knocked out by Roxas. Roxas is then seen dashing towards the Castle That Never Was, before stopping halfway through. Roxas flips back his hood and looks at the seashell Xion gave him, before having a short flashback to where Xion died in Twilight Town. Roxas then charged for the Organization's headquarters, both of his Keyblades in hand. DiZ arrives with Namine to help Riku back to their hiding spot in Twilight Town, with DiZ annoyed that Riku lost to Roxas.

Meanwhile, Xemnas orders Sai"X to encounter Roxas ASAP, and try to re-recruit him into Organization XIII. However, Xemnas mutually gives Sai"X the order to kill Roxas if he refuses.

New Characters Introduced

  • Roxas
  • Riku
  • DiZ
  • Namine
  • Xion (flashback)
  • Xemnas
  • Saix

Chapter Two: Organization XIII's Stronghold