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Kingdom Hearts: Memories Reborn is a game in the Kingdom Hearts continuity, which is also the first Kingdom Hearts game not to feature Sora as the main character.


The player (as a new character which the player names and designs) wakes up on the Beach in Destiny Islands. They find Kairi picking flowers nearby. The player then walks up to Kairi and asks her who she is. Kairi then says "Are you okay,[insert player's name]? Have you forgotten my name? Well, it's Kairi, silly!" Then, Riku appears and asks them what the player and Kairi are doing. Kairi then introduces the player to Riku. The player then hears an unkown voice (Sora's voice) telling them how to perform actions. Later in the story, it is shown that they are actually Sora's third Nobody, and the real Sora has his soul kept in one of Namine's sketches, while Namine has manipulated everyone's memory to believe that the player is Sora. After visiting many worlds, the player finds a new world named Namine's Sketchpad, where Sora is contained. After releasing Sora, they have to go to the world where Namine's Sketchpad was in: The World That Never Was.

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