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This story is an installment in the Kingdom Hearts series which is set 5 years before the events of Kingdom Hearts :Birth by Sleep and the Main Protagonist is a 15 year old boy called Benjiro who lives on a World called Mystical Frontier which is a small island where he and 2 friends have settled in search of Peace but get confroted with danger after some strange things happen to them . Benjiro who thinks that he is completly normal in everyway possible is faced with challenges that he must overcome.

Benjiro is sitting on a small branch on the outskirts of the island looking at the ocean when his friend Ravi joins him and the two start talking about their friendship and what problems they will have to overcome when suddenly he hears screams from thier friend Violet as they both immedietly sprint across the sandy plains into a small opening in the island that lead to a cave he then saw Violet on the floor crying as they asked her what was the matter she looked at them all her face was covered in a dark mysterious mist where only red eyes could be made out as Benjiro trys to comfort her Ravi shouts run as he runs Benjiro stays but then realises that she is now in an attacking position and runs as they both think what was that a massive gust of darkness flew out of the small opening and a form which looked like Violet attempted to kill both of them after dodging attack after attack they grew tired and as they were about to be engulfed by the darkness a beam of light came out of no where and the creature seemed to be hurt as she turned a figure came rusing at her with a giant metal key and started fighting then the figure struck a furious blow and what was violet faded into darkness confused about what happened they asked the person he lifted up his hood and said "Unversed" and disappered into a portal of darkness.

As Benjiro walked across the island he visited where his friend had turned into Unversed he looked around and started to cry as he was crying a man in a black trench coat said "Violet" Benjiro then asked who was there he then replyed many worlds are connected young boy but you need answers i can give you a purpose if you follow me and don't hesitate all will be answered Benjiro then replyed what so you can tell me about violet? he said if that is the answer you seek then you must not hesitate you must follow it until you complete the question.

Without hesitation he followed the man into the realm of darkness where he ended up in a castle he then said where are we the man replyed this is The World That Never Was.