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As Benjiro looked around not much was here he was confused and said "where is everything" the man then lifted up his hood and said "Its nothing yet but when im done it will be amazing" he had black hair yellow eyes and he said "oh my name is Imam" he then said that it means Leader Benjiro stated if he was going to be helped Imam then said that he must know how to use a sacred weapon to defeat the Unversed and save Violet he then gave Benjiro a keyblade by choosing him to weild one.

After extensive training he then took him to destiny islands and said how in the future a great keyblade weilder will walk where we are standing he was about to say his name when a man came from the darkness and hit Imam unconscious he then had a short battle with Benjiro...... which Benjiro lost and was taken into the realm of darkness upon waking up he found himself in a room in Hollow Bastion he was then interregated by Xehanort until Ansem the Wise arrived and asked if he was a keyblade weilder and if he had seen a man named Ruvas he said that he had never heard of him Ansem then asked if he wanted to be one of his apprentices Benjiro then said that he was confused which Ansem said i will give you the answers that you seek which he immedietly said yes.

He was tasked with taking care of the failed experiments which were performed on by Ansem and his apprentices which he enjoyed doing as he did not kill them or throw them away but because their attributes such as intelligence, Strength, Speed and Stealth had increased incredibly he put them in a safe place outside of Hollow Bastion and went everyday to feed them and did this for the next 2 and a half years while inbetween those years Imam had been looking for him unable to access Hollow bastion due to Ansem the Wise knowing that he would come here so he put up a data sheild which could only be accessed though Ansems computer mainframe by contacting Tron.