Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki

Section 1:pyra[]

Pyra wakes up yawns and gets ready to go to sleep as he lays down he suddenly sees his friend autamn "ahhh,give me a break autamn!!!"he says"he-he-he pyra you lazy bum didnt you promise me you'd take me too the hollow hearts fair today" "huh, oh right yeah lemme get dressed...wait hold on arent you going with dark."pyra said "oh yeah well im going with both ill meet you in town square"autamn said pyra then walked to the bathroom and looken his long spikey black hair and brown eyes,then he looked out the window,"just another boring day in hollow bastion".

Section 2:the key[]

Pyra put his black and white shoes,his short black sleeved red hoodie and his white shorts on he also got his wooden sword"alright lets g-...aahhh"he clutched head in pain and soon started falling into the awekening.Pyra gets up and watches as two darksides appear the 1rst darkside and reaches out suddenly a bright light appears and he is weilding the kingdom key and the kingdom key d in hand "alright lets do this".