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Naminé : the stinky girl who likes to draw and poop.

Naminé is the nobody of Kairi. She was used by Organization XIII in Chain of Memories and she was made to pull Sora's memories apart. In 358/2 Days she joined forces with DiZ to help put Sora's memories back and enable him to wake up. She has been wearing the same white dress ever since Chain of Memories.

Fan Fiction[]

A Nobody Girl who Likes to draw and poop[]

In this story, Namine is drawing herself and Sora holding hands. "I have to go and poop , but I have to go eat something. Hmmmm...." She ate some sea salt ice cream. And went back to her chair. Namine was sitting on something brown and stinky. " I have eaten for the first time. And I... pooped. " It was great to see her own poop. " My hair is messy . " she said . Namine realized her other hobby : pooping . So she poops near the pod in which Sora was sleeping in . She left a stinky trail poop for Sora and His friends.

" I bet they will eat it ." ~ Namine.

It was the true note in the journal. It wasn't the only note .

" Sora , eat this stinky yummy poop I left . It's a trail of mine . " ~ Namine.