Organisation XV is a group of darklights who dislike Organisation XIII,they control the Darklights which are created when a nobody is destroyed. �


Organisation OV was created when Organization XIII were destroyed, they resurected Organisation XIII, but this was only to prove they were stronger, the last two members are not Darklights but are replicas created by Vexen's darklight, Nexev.


The names of the organizisation are the names of the nobodies reversed (eg Xemnas= Sanmex, Xigbar= Xabgix, Xaldin=Xidlax, Vexen=Nexev, Lexaeus=Sueaxel, Zexion=Noixez, Saix=xias, Axel=Lexa, Demyx= Xymed, Luxord=Droxul Marluxia= Aixulram, Larxene=Enexal,Roxas=Saxor; Replicas: Xion,Noix Riku,Ukir

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