Salx is a nobody who is not of organaziation XII but is a nuetral person he wields the platinum kingdom key he make rift in time with this keyblade

fighting styleEdit

he wields it with one hand when he then generates energy in the keyblade and stab into a wall and a portal appear he sucks his opponent into it and shocks them about there past he can also shape shift himself into any form he has the elements of gravity and he can summon diffrent keyblades depending where he is

taking over organazation XIIEdit

After the death of Xemnas organazation XII was practically nothing ten years later, sora was a Adult Sora loost the Abilty to wield the kingdom key sora forgot all of his adventure with the kingdom key, then on destiny Island a hooded figure came in a Organazation XII Ship He said Ahh you must be sora he pulled out the platinum kingdom key and aimed a beam at sora and He Got a new key it was exactly like the old one except completety Gold and by touching it he remembers everything he then went to sora past then sora said you can't shock me with the past hes fighting in on the old destiny Island he changed his keyblade to the oblivion duel wielded it the platinum keyblade Salx powers up by summoning heartless and they all defeated and then appeared in past present and future the vitrualy nothing now its all one world he laughs.

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