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Treasure Planet
Vital statistics
Type Sci-FI
Location Treasure Planet
Inhabitants *Jim Hawkins
  • Dr. Doppler
  • Captain Amelia
  • Long John Silver
  • Scroop

Treasure Planet is the name of one of the worlds that Sora, Donald and Goofy visit in their travels.


The RLS Legacy[]

The RLS Legacy serves as the hub of the world. It is divided into the Deck, the Galley, the Captains Quarters, the Longboat Hold, the Brig and the Cargo Hold. Early on the ship comes under attack by Heartless, but they are held off by Jim Hawkins and Sora. The Captain believes that Sora and his friends are stowaways and locks them in the brig. However Jim comes to free them. On their way out, they hear Silver plotting with his lackeys and they rush to tell the captain. The ship once again comes under attack and the group are forced to abandon it.

Treasure Planet[]

Treasure Planet is divided into three Jungle areas, B.E.N.'s house, the Pirate's camp, the Cliff and the interior of the planet. After the group lands on Treasure Planet, they meet B.E.N., an automaton who served as Captain Flint's navigator. They attempt to reach Treasure Planet but are captured by the Pirates before they can do so. However once they reach their destination they unwittingly activate the planet's self-destruct feature. Silver has a change of heart and attempts to let Sora and his friends go, but Scroop turns on him and attacks them. Amelia comes in and fights Scroop, After a long battle Amelia shoves him down and Scroop plummets into the core of the world and the others flee to the ship.

Montressor Space Port[]

After Treasure Planet is destroyed, this becomes the alternate destination. The Space Port is divided into several small streets, only three of which contain Heartless.