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Hello, Kingdom Hearts community! I am INFERNOX, major Kingdom Hearts and Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction writer and fan alike! I don't wish to cause trouble; I only want to post OC's and other fanfiction-related stuff to this wiki. My main series involes a KH-Sonic-Ratchet and Clank crossover, so if you see their elements in the story, don't get it confused with the wrong thing!

Anyways, to find me on, just look for (you guessed it) INFERNOX. I'll be there, and here, and on the Sonic Fanon Wiki. Maybe the R&C wiki in the future...anyways, I hope you enjoy my fanfics and OC's!

Kingdom Hearts: For True Story[]

This is my first complete fanfiction, and a doozy of one at that! This is a non-canon what-if fic deriving from the typical fan obsession of Roxas beating Riku at the end of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. However, many characters you wouldn't expect lurk here, so be aware!

(I'm actually surprised this was my crown jewel. I was just angry at the sad ending!)

Sonic Chronicles series[]

This is my main series, stemming from a crossover with Sonic, Kingdom Hearts, and Ratchet and Clank. Expect to see Sora and Sonic side-by-side, as well as Axel and Kairi with the Q-Force!

Heroes From An Old World[]

This is my first OC-based fic to explain how my OC's are relevant to what happens in the Sonic Chronicles series. The only confirmed canon characters to appear within (in the KH canon) are the Vanitas Sentiment, Vanitas, and the Engimatic Soldier/Lingering Sentiment. Many others also have some cameos.

Kingdom Hearts Insanity Files[]

This is a randomly insane what-if collection. No plot, just fun and comedy!