After Organization XIII was defeated, Xeyj decided to rebuild it, but keeping the original name. Xeyj is a master at all magics and can teleport like Xemnas can and also slide along the ground like a shadow or neoshadow. His signaure moves are Dark Devour, Nothing Blast and Light Barrage. He is fairly well at close combat with his two purple and black ultima keyblades. He is No I in the new organization and his friend and rival Jesmax who exells at close combat but isn't that good at magic is No II.

His homeworld is The Dusk Domain, which is like Twilight Town, Only instead of being linked to The World That Never Was it is linked to Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden.

Xeyj cloaked <==== Xeyj with his hood up. If you want to see him without the cloak imagine sora final form with black hair.

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